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Medical Billing Online Courses: Prepare for Your Career

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

If you've been thinking about a career in the health care field but needles aren't your thing, you may want to consider a career in medical billing and coding. There are many medical billing online courses that offer a solid curriculum that will prepare you for a lucrative career in a growing industry. To ensure that you are choosing the right online courses for medical billing, check to make sure your school offers courses in the following areas.

Medical Terminology

Each industry has its own jargon, but the terminology used in online courses for medical billing is particularly important for students to understand. A detailed course in medical terminology taken near the beginning of your program will provide a solid foundation for the rest of your studies.

Office Procedures

Students enrolled in medical billing courses online should gain a thorough understanding of proper office etiquette and procedures for handling patients. A good course will cover procedures such as appointment setting, call handling, computer skills and customer service techniques. These courses will be especially important for students who are new to the health care industry.

Specialized Coding

All medical billing online courses will offer some coding training, but pay special attention to the types and specializations of the coding courses offered. A well-trained medical biller will have experience with both ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding, as well as CPT 4 and HCPCS. A thorough overview of these coding systems will help medical billing specialists be prepared to properly document a variety of medical procedures including laboratory work, anesthesia, physician notes and treatment plans, surgical reports and medicine.

Electronic Records

The vast majority of medical practices are now using electronic health records. Because of this trend toward electronic billing and patient records, it is extremely important that today's medical billing specialists have a working knowledge of how to set up and manage patient accounts in an electronic format.

Insurance and Billing

A significant amount of time in medical billing online courses is spent learning how to handle insurance billing for patient accounts. Courses in a solid program should cover regular insurance carrier procedures, Medicare and Medicaid, employee vs. private plans and legal issues related to consumer privacy. The more familiar a medical billing specialist becomes with all of these areas, the more marketable he or she will be to a future employer. A quality program at an accredited institution can readily provide these and other skills to help a student enter their new chosen career. Photo Source: Flickr 

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