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Learn Adobe InDesign in a Graphic Design Program

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

If you want to learn Adobe InDesign, a great way to do that is by enrolling in an online graphic design program, which allows you the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. InDesign is a software used to develop the art of page layouts, template design and production, and it was created to work seamlessly with graphics created with Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. In fact, most comprehensive graphic design programs that teach InDesign will also provide instruction on using PhotoShop for image editing and manipulation, along with Illustrator for vector drawings, as the three programs work so well together. InDesign offers very limited options for creating vector graphics and very minor photo edits, but its purpose is page layout, and it is best used in conjunction with Adobe's programs designed specifically for photos and drawing.

InDesign is the Industry Standard

InDesign is used to create the layout for all types of publications including posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books. The program offers very powerful text tools and style sheets that make it much easier to manage multi-page documents. Along with page layout, InDesign allows you to incorporate graphics and prepare your document for printing.

The Latest Version and Features

Most graphic design programs that offer Adobe InDesign classes are great for beginners and those with some previous background and experience because they will teach the latest version along with all the most up-to-date features. Courses usually start with the basics. They provide an introduction to the program and cover how to create and view documents, review all the tools and what they do, and demonstrate how to work with pages in a document.

Working With Type and Graphics

Once the basics have been mastered, your online course will likely move on to working with type and graphics, creating shapes, working with color, using the formatting tools and getting you used to working with the pen tools to create both simple and complex paths.

Setting Up Style Sheets

As the course progresses, you will learn how to set up text style sheets and assign character, paragraph and object styles. You will work on using tables to organize information into rows and columns and find out how to create and customize tables.

Preparing for Printing

Towards the end of the course, you will learn proper pre-press techniques including how to package and prepare a document for printing.

Create Professional Documents

Taking an online graphic design course to learn Adobe InDesign will help you to manage multi-page documents with finesse and create professional layouts. Photo Source: Flickr

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