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Human Resource Management: The Importance of Organizational Staffing

Online DegreesDecember 12, 2013


Finding the right people for the right positions is one of the most exciting challenges of working in human resource management. There is nothing more fulfilling professionally than being involved from start to finish in one's pursuit of a career. This process starts with identifying the job specifications, advertising the position, narrowing down the list of candidates and ending with a suitable individual to fulfill the role.

Organizational staffing is a task carried out by the human resources department. It involves examining the goals of a business, deciding what needs to be done to achieve the planned results and then finding and hiring the very best people to take on those responsibilities.

So, what will you learn about organizational staffing in a human resource management course?

Organizational staffing is a process. It involves identifying and then listing specific responsibilities that an employee will have in a company. These functions need to match the results that the business wants to achieve.

Most companies have a mission statement. This outlines the purpose of the company, why it exists, its goals and values and what it wants to achieve. Organizational staffing involves ensuring that all new positions advertised will fit with those company goals to benefit the business.

A good human resources professional also needs to ensure that the motivation and needs of individuals will be met in their new position, and that they will benefit fully from the rewards that the organization can offer them. Both the company and the business will need to benefit.

The first question to ask in human resource management and organizational staffing is whether or not the new position is necessary, and to determine the purpose of the job. The next question is then what the tasks and job description will be as well as the type of person and the qualifications that would be best suited for the role.

'A good fit' is the aim of organizational staffing, and the latest figures show that on average, there are 3.9 million job openings in the U.S. Thus, there is a huge ongoing need for talented individuals in the area of human resources management.

Embarking on a human resources management course and learning about organizational staffing will equip students with the skills they need to become an important asset to the human resources team and their goal to acquire and deploy a talented workforce. Most importantly, choosing the right candidates for the job will mean that it is more likely that the company will retain those employees and help the organization reach its business goals.


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