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How to Fit an Online Degree Into Your Schedule

Online DegreesFebruary 23, 2016

Life may be a juggling act, but it’s all about the balance. 

If you’re thinking about advancing your education for career success, you may want to consider an online degree program. An online education, such as one from Fortis Online, offers students flexibility and control over day-to-day scheduling, unlike a traditional classroom setting.

How To Get the Most Out Of Online Classes

While the freedom to log-in from anywhere is appealing, especially for busy adults on the go, students need to plan accordingly and brush up on their time management skills to find that needed balance for optimal success. Check out these four easy time management tips for online students from U.S. News.

  • Plan Ahead. Purchase a calendar or, better yet, opt for an online version that’s comfortable for you. Jot down all your appointments, commitments and study times in one place. By blocking out time in an organized way, you can juggle it all seamlessly.

  • Stay in Touch. When studying remotely, it can be easy to lose track of things. Avoid falling behind by checking in daily so you remain connected to your classes and ensure you are informed of any syllabus changes. Daily check-ins help lead you into a routine, which is key for successful time management.

  • Think Long-term. To prevent serious procrastination and sudden surprises, keep track of what’s ahead way in advance. If your big exam occurs in a month, start planning ahead. Having ample time to work towards each assignment and study for exams minimizes stress and gives you the needed time to prepare efficiently.

  • Ask Questions. That’s part of the learning process as a student. Your instructors are there to guide you, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions when the occasion arises. The more questions you ask, the better you learn, and effectively manage your time.

For additional time management resources, check out this comprehensive guide from And for a success profile of someone like you, read this story on, about how one busy adult fit college into her schedule.

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