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Hotel Management: 4 Signs You Have What It Takes

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Many people believe they have what it takes for a career in hotel management, but then find out later that it simply wasn't the right career choice for their personality type. This isn't to say that you cannot develop traits and strengths to obtain the hospitality management career of your dreams; you will just have to put in additional effort. If you aren't sure whether or not you are best suited for a hotel management position, take a look at these four typical personality traits of a successful hotel manager.

Are You Self-Disciplined?

Are you one of those people that can work successfully on your own without distraction? Do you wake up on time every morning, arrive to work in a punctual manner and know when to call it quits after hours of overtime? These are all important actions that a self-disciplined individual will make every day. An efficient hotel manager aims for personal perfection in everything they do. They want to be on time because they feel good when they are punctual. They will tell other employees it is time to go home when they are becoming burnt out from overtime work. They live their life with discipline and find structure to be a helpful tool. They know their limits, and they know when to push them further.

Were You Born to Lead?

Have you always had a knack for leading a group or being the one in charge when it comes to making major decisions? If you are constantly asked to be in charge and people come to you often for advice and guidance, chances are you were destined for leadership. In the hospitality world, especially a hotel career, this can be extremely beneficial.One of the best leadership tools is to lead by example, so if you already do this in your personal life and at work, you are a step ahead of the game.

Are You a Motivator?

If you can motivate others with ease, you may be cut out for a management position within the hospitality industry. Some people have natural motivation skills and the ability to get others off their feet and feeling confident in their work. If you have noticed that people turn to you because of your positive attitude and energy, then you most likely are a natural motivator. If getting a team of employees geared up for a project, event or business meeting comes easy for you, you may be destined for a role as a hotel manager in the near future.

Do You Know How to Be a Part of a Team?

Being a successful manager within the hotel industry is not all about leading, but also about being a team player. A successful hotel manager knows when they are needed and knows when to step in and help out other hotel staff members. This can range from fielding calls and inquiries at the front desk when short staffed, to running food out of the kitchen or helping out the meetings and event team when needed. Photo Source: Flickr [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf]

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