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Five Ways Internet Marketing Would Have Changed the Famous Movie Glengarry Glen Ross

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Before the rise of marketing on the Internet, the 1991 cult film Glengarry Glen Ross hit the big screen. The film was about four real estate salesmen who were suffering from exceedingly poor sales due to bad leads. As a result, a "trainer" was sent from headquarters to get the team in shape and fire the two worst performers. In today's age of modern marketing, Glengarry Glen Ross would have been much different. Since 1991, the Internet has practically changed every aspect of life, including the way real estate is sold and marketed. Check out the following five ways Internet marketing would have changed Glengarry Glen Ross.

Inbound Marketing

In 1991, when Glengarry Glen Ross took place, outbound marketing was the only way of doing business. It can be defined as conducting activities, like cold calls, to people with the hope of finding customers. Instead, the team would have greatly benefited from inbound marketing, which revolves around making your business more accessible so customers can easily find you. It's proven to be the most highly effective method of marketing as it uses tactics like social media, search engine optimization, content marketing and press releases. Simply put, the real estate crew would have never been in their situation because inbound marketing provides exponentially more quality leads.

Social Marketing

In today's world of modern marketing, the real estate salesmen would have obviously monitored Internet marketing trends and taken advantage of social media. By implementing social media into their inbound strategy, the sales professionals could have used social networks to engage audiences at the best time and utilize the most engaging type of content. Social media offers a platform comprised of billions of potential clients, which would have been greatly appreciated by the movie's real estate crew.


One of the top Internet marketing trends that has emerged is the use of videos. Considering that more than 4 billion videos are watched online every day on YouTube alone, videos could have been used to reach more prospects in Glengarry Glen Ross. By posting a short video on YouTube, the team could have streamlined the hot prospects to respond by email or telephone number. When customers are calling you for a service or product, they are usually considered very high quality leads.

Mobile Phone Accommodation

Today, a staggering 91 percent of Americans own cellphones, while 56 percent utilize smartphones. As one of the vital Internet marketing strategies, make sure your website is mobile friendly or a responsive website, which will allow you to cater to the masses. If the crew of Glengarry Glen Ross would have had a responsive or mobile-friendly website, they could have reached the 79 percent of users who shop on their smartphones, and the resulting 74 percent who actually make a purchase.


In modern marketing, effectively having a way to measure your results is a key strategy. Marketers must know how much money is being spent and the return on their investment (ROI). Using effective measurements is the only way to truly know whether their Internet marketing strategies were effective. If the Glengarry Glen Ross crew would have had been measuring their inbound marketing efforts, they would have known if their content marketing strategy was falling short and been given implications to solve the problem. Photo Source: Flickr

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