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Five Customer Service Principles of Hospitality Management

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Did you know that customer service principles within the hospitality industry are the key to managing a successful hospitality business? Customer service is the most important practice within the entire hospitality and tourism industry, and without it, everything else will fail. By practicing these five customer service principles daily, you can stand out above the rest with regard to hospitality excellence, as well as get your customers and clients to do your selling for you.

Active Listening Can Do Wonders

Listening to customers has been a valuable practice used for many years in the hospitality industry. Over the years, major hospitality-related companies and hotel chains have realized the importance of listening to the wants and needs of each and every customer. The more the customers are heard and the more they are asked to offer feedback and give opinions of the services, the more opportunity a hospitality business has to grow.

Put Comfort at the Top of the List

Comfort can be provided in a variety of shapes and forms. An online hospitality management degree and the courses involved will advance one's understanding of guest comfort in every sense of the word. Comfort can mean anything from the safety and security and local information that a guest is offered to the level of comfort with regards to accommodation, menu selections and available relaxation and spa services.

Make Your Guests Feel Safe

Safety is considered one of the top customer service principles when it comes to running a successful hospitality business. When guests choose to stay at a hotel, dine at a new restaurant or try a new experience, there should be some level of safety and security offered to make your guests feel safe at all times. Guests are much happier when they are told about their environment, what areas to avoid and what would be the top recommended choice to make in the case of an excursion, meal or local events.

Provide Information to Your Guests

Another major customer service principle is the offering of information. Guests are happiest when they are informed. If you keep your guests informed about all the services that your establishment offers from the first booking, they will be able to make their own choices on how to enhance their stay or visit. Providing information is a customer service tool that will always be in need, and anyone who is studying an online hospitality management degree or working in the hospitality industry will learn this quickly.

Always Exceed Expectations

It is extremely important to exceed the expectations of your customers. This means going above and beyond to make each customer's experience unique and special. This can be practiced through offering first-class services, doing something extraordinary for a guest or providing a guest with all the comforts of home. When you stand out as a service provider, your business is remembered, and your services will be recommended to future customers. This is where your customers actually start selling your business for you. 


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