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Event Planning Career: A Path For Those Who Love to Plan and Organize

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

An event planning career is perfect for an individual that enjoys being on the go, thrives on solving problems and welcomes challenges throughout their work day. Have you ever noticed that you love planning parties, organizing business meetings and setting up for group functions? Do you feel a great sense of accomplishment when a party you organize and host is a complete success? Many people that are best suited for a career in event planning are already planners in their own lives. This could mean that they have experience in planning anything from an anniversary party or bar mitzvah, to organizing an entrepreneurial meeting or small business lunch. If you enjoy being part of the planning process for an event and can handle high-stress moments with ease, chances are you would be a great candidate for a career in event planning.

What is an Event Planner?

If you think you know all about an event planner's role because you have seen them in the movies like The Wedding Planner, think again. An event planner is a person who takes on the event or meeting requests of a person, social group or company. They then plan, organize and attend the event to make sure everything goes accordingly.

How to Begin Your Journey Into Event Planning

If you know you would love to study this area of hospitality, the smartest move you could make is to choose an online hospitality management degree and learn everything you need to know about the hospitality industry. This type of degree covers all the areas of meeting and event planning, and it will give you a thorough understanding of how to successfully plan and organize a professional business meeting for 15 people or a gala for 500 guests.

Volunteer, Internship or Find a Part-Time Job

Try to find a position within the meeting and event industry that will offer you experience and provide you with some beginner skills. You can volunteer, intern or find a small job for a few hours a week at an event management company or work in a hotel in the event set up team. Learn from the bottom up so you understand how to deal with every event situation or dilemma that can occur when working in this area of hospitality. An event planning career can be truly exciting and action-packed, and there is a guarantee that every day will be different. If you love positions that require detail, energy and a large amount of face-to-face communication, this is a fantastic career path for you. Photo Source: Flickr

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