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Career Opportunities With an Online Business Degree

Online DegreesJuly 24, 2017

Business degrees have a reputation for being a “safe investment.” One of the primary reasons for that is a business degree provides a lot of versatility among your choices of career paths. From business or financial analyst or account manager, to marketing, HR or store management, the options are many for those with a business degree.

Among the best-paying jobs open to business majors include IT project manager, business development manager, media supervisor, senior financial analyst, construction project manager and IT business analyst. These days, it doesn’t really matter whether that degree is obtained on-campus or online. In fact, the online degree actually allows students to work and do networking while completing the degree – a key to achieving business success, according to

“Business is definitely an area where connections help a lot,” says Katie Bardaro, lead analyst for 

Choosing a Specialization within Business

While a business degree can take graduates along a number of interestingly diverse paths, the best business jobs go to professionals who specialize in one of three areas – accounting, finance, or IT and information systems, according to 

The website suggests getting a business degree with one of those three concentrations and the likelihood of success and better pay tends to significantly rise, although the jury’s still out on how much value those specific concentrations add.

Any business degree “provides a great foundation” that helps graduates to be “competitive in the marketplace,” says career workplace expert and author Elizabeth Freeman. Freeman believes those with an online business degree are well-suited for many lucrative careers, including “customer-facing and sales-driven positions,” such as pharmaceutical sales and others.

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