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Online DegreesSeptember 16, 2015

You may have noticed a growing trend toward online learning in higher education. Online courses are popular because they fit into students’ schedules, and schools like them because they reduce classroom crowding and overhead costs, all while prompting instructors to find exciting, new ways to present information. But online education is evolving toward blended learning programs. It’s the next “new” thing.

Why Blended Learning?

What is blended learning? Well, first of all – it’s not really new. Blended learning (also called hybrid learning) has been around for years. calls it a mix of the best of technology-based online learning and the face-to-face instruction that’s been traditional in college-level learning. Classes meet on campus within a flexible schedule for face-to-face interaction, but students also can do work anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection. According to the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing, the advantages of blended learning include removing the time commitment of on-campus attendance, an increased accessibility to courses from anywhere, active online learning assignments, and freedom from the “one-size-fits-all” teaching model. Students and instructors also find blended programs promote more self-directed learning, critical-thinking, and creative writing, while instilling better time management skills necessary for successful job transition. Perhaps most important, the U.S. Department of Education found blended learning students often achieve at higher levels than fully online or purely face-to-face students. When all these factors are combined, it’s easy to understand why many educators see blended learning as a powerful force for transformation.  

Capitalize on this trend

Fortis now offers blended learning programs in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding that combine online learning and one-day-a-week of on-campus classes. The programs offer the flexibility of performing coursework online along with opportunities for in-person, on-campus support. To find the host campus location nearest you offering blended learning options, visit

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