Three Perfect Nursing Gifts for Students

If you have a nursing student in your family, or if you are a student looking for nursing gifts for your classmates, here are three suggestions to relieve the stress of finding the perfect gift. Most of these gifts can be purchased online, which will help you avoid the chaos of malls around the holidays. 

Watching the Clock

Your first inclination might be to get the nursing student on your gift list some kind of book about getting through nursing school. This is not a bad idea, but these poor students already have a ton of reading to complete, and the thought of additional reading material might send them over the edge. A more practical gift would be a quality, waterproof timepiece. With all the hand washing they do, nursing students can destroy a watch in no time. You might also consider a timepiece that can be worn around the neck or pinned to the uniform as an alternative that won't constantly get wet.

A dead watch in the middle of a nursing clinical can be a real hassle for a nursing student. As a bonus, they'll think of you every time they look at their watch, and they will look at it a lot in this profession.

A Cup of Java

If there's one thing that nursing students can't live without, it's coffee, and lots of it. Get the nursing student on your list a nurse-themed coffee mug for when they're studying at home, or a nice travel mug so their coffee can travel with them on their way to clinicals. Consider using a site where you can make your own custom mug if there's some kind of personal saying or quote that may make the recipient laugh or inspire them to keep going when they feel overwhelmed. Since nursing students are usually pretty low on funds, add in a bag of gourmet coffee, the kind they won't splurge on themselves.

The Pampered Nurse

But perhaps the most important thing a nursing student needs is a little pampering after a hard week of lectures and clinicals. Not only to relieve themselves of the stresses of nursing school, but to remind those future nurses that they have to take care of themselves if they want to be able to take care of patients. One of the best nursing gifts is a certificate for a massage or a day of beauty at a local salon. As a result, students will feel better and more energized to tackle those care plans and pharmacology quizzes.

This holiday season, make sure you take care of the ones who take care of us, and get the nursing students on your list one of these great gifts.

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