The Best Nursing Accessories and Gadgets

NursingFebruary 12, 2014

If you're looking for the latest nursing accessories to make your nursing life easier, check out some of these great ideas to get more organized and have what you need at your fingertips. Whether you have a more old-school approach or have a love for high tech toys, be prepared to hit the floor running with a little help from these tools.

Get It Together

A nurse can never have too many pockets, but you also want to be able to find what you need fast in all those pockets. You can purchase a colorful, all-in-one pocket organizers so everything from scissors, to measuring tape, to penlight has its own place, and you know just where to find what you need.

Time Is on Your Side

With all the hand washing a nurse does in a typical day, they tend to destroy wristwatches in record time, even the waterproof ones. Try some variations like watches on a lanyard, or those that pin or clip to a uniform. You can even find retractable watches, much like your badge holder. The last thing you want is for your watch to die during your shift, which would make even a simple task, like taking a pulse, a major hassle. It's one of your most important nursing accessories.

Badges With Merit

Speaking of badges, what is all that junk you store behind your badge? Fire code notes for surveys? Medication calculations? Reminder notes? Well, Critical Second eliminated the need for most of those scribbled reminders with their cue card system of cheat sheet cards, which offer condensed notes on everything from medication calculations, to reading EKGs, to values for blood gases. With these cards, you can say goodbye to charts and scribbled notes.

High Tech Nursing

If you never leave your phone behind, add some cool apps to help you at work, including an app version of the cue card system. There are several other apps available for nurses, too. These apps include Try MedCalc and Infuse for the math calculations related to oral and IV medications, or Nursing Central, which packages five references together on medications, diseases and test values. If you really want to get fancy and show off for your coworkers and patients, try VisualDX, which helps diagnose various skin rashes, or impress the chief cardiologist after you study up on heart sounds with iMurmur.

No matter how much nursing education and experience you have under your belt, everyone can use a helping hand now and then, and cool gear to get the job done in style.

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