Nursing Scrubs: A Comfy Perk to Being a Nurse

NursingJanuary 11, 2014

Consider nursing scrubs to be a perk of working as a registered nurse. You know how your friends fantasize about being able to wear their pajamas to work? Well, a comfy pair of scrubs is exactly that — pajamas that you wear to work! Scrubs were born in the operating room as a way to stop infectious diseases from the outside world from entering the OR. Over time, everyone in the hospital realized that blood, urine and other bodily fluids ruined their clean, white uniforms, and they began to use scrubs, as well. Since then, the variety of scrubs, including different colors and designs, has greatly expanded. You can easily find a nine dollar pair of cheap nursing scrubs, or spend a little more for a nicer pair of nursing scrubs. Let's explore the awesomeness that is scrubs.

The typical design of scrubs has no inside or outside, but rather, they are reversible. Nothing says comfort and convenience like having to pay no attention to how your pants and shirt get put on. Also, if you spill food on your shirt, give yourself two seconds in the bathroom, and you will once again look like a responsible adult who knows how to eat properly.

Due to exposure to various gross elements, scrubs are designed so that they are easy to clean. Also, if you get cheap nursing scrubs, you don't need to feel guilty about chucking them into the garbage when you can't bear the thought of that stuff swirling around in your washing machine.

Love fashion? Like to look cute at work? Adorable scrubs are available as well. Maybe you want to be a pediatric nurse, and you like to wear cartoon characters on your scrubs to help the kids feel more at ease.

Hate fashion? Hate thinking about what to wear to work every day? Don't care what you look like at work? Scrubs are the perfect solution. Just get cheap scrubs, and make sure that the colors somewhat coordinate. Done and done.

Nursing is a surprisingly physical job. You are moving patients, and extensively reaching and stooping, among other things. Scrubs help you move freely while exerting all that effort.

Be advised, however, that some facilities are cramping nurse's style by instituting a scrubs dress code. For example, in one hospital system, all nurses are required to wear solid navy scrubs. In another, scrubs are limited to the OR, and everyone else has to wear collared shirts and scrub pants. So, when you are looking for your next pair of nursing scrubs, make sure they will be allowed by your facility for the foreseeable future to make sure you get your money's worth.

Enjoy your scrubs. Where else can professional clothing have tons of pockets and a drawstring like your favorite pair of pajamas?

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons