Nurses Shine in Times of Disaster

NursingJanuary 03, 2013

As Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the East Coast and in particular New York, nurses and other first responders provided urgent health care to those in need.  Several hospitals including NYU Langone Medical Center had to be evacuated due to power outrages.  Neonatal nurses had to manually bag breath infants as the children were transported to another hospital. Nurses provide life and death care to those in need in time of disasters.  The calling to be a nurse is not for everyone as it does require sacrifices particularly in times of emergencies. Yet the reward of knowing your professional expertise, comfort, and care made a difference in the lives of others makes nursing one of the mostsatisfying careers.  Nurses through their engagement with the community in these times of disasters bring to light a truer understanding of the meaning of nursing which students cannot learn from a textbook. Nursing attributes of caring, helping, comforting, and nurturing move to the forefront. Disasters seem to be on the rise.  With the terrible tsunami in Southeast Asia that killed hundreds of thousands and injured countless more, to the earthquake in Haiti, it highlighted the need for nurses to be prepared to for such catastrophes.  Nurses are educated to understand the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of humans.  All bachelor of sciences in nursing programs and all of the Fortis College associated degree programs provide students content and in some cases clinical practice in community health nursing.  Nurses have knowledge of vulnerable populations thus enabling them to more readily provide care to these groupsduring times of disaster.  Professional nurses provide not only care for physiological dysfunctions, and assists others in dealing with their fear, stress and uncertainties that disasters bring. The quick and efficient manner in which nurses all across the East Coast responded to the Hurricane Sandy as well as other recent disasters markedly demonstrate the critical role these men and women professionals play in our health care system.  Seek information today on how to become a nurse, as perhaps tomorrow you will be providing care to others in future disasters.

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