Are Nurses in Demand? 4 Hot Nursing Specialties

NursingJuly 25, 2014

If you are considering entering the nursing profession, you may be thinking, "but are nurses in demand?" While the projected outlook for registered nursing jobs in general is positive, some specialties may be in particularly high demand. Due to factors affecting the nation's healthcare landscape, nurse practitioners and nursing informatics as well as geriatrics and acute care are emerging as four of the hottest nursing careers.

Nurse Practitioners

The Affordable Care Act has ushered in a trend within the health care system to provide more economical medical care. Consequently, nurse practitioners will be much sought after in the coming years. If you decide to enter this field, you will need an advanced degree that will equip you to diagnose and treat patients under a doctor's limited supervision. Upon the attainment of your credentials, you can choose among many subspecialty areas and work in an array of health care settings.

Nurse Informatics

Because of technological advances and health care reform, nurses with a degree in nurse informatics will be greatly needed to facilitate the electronic flow of health care data. If you enjoy working with computers, these nursing jobs would be ideal. Your employment options will include health care organizations, companies that develop information systems and even branches of the federal government.


As aging baby boomers have produced an increase in the percentage of the populace that is in their golden years, geriatric nurses are needed for their care. Your opportunities for employment in this area include nursing homes, hospice and home health agencies. If you decide to further your education in this field, you could become a gerontological nurse practitioner.

Acute Care

Intensive care unit nurses and emergency room nurses are expected to continue to be in demand because this work requires special skills and a special emotional disposition to provide care to those who are critically ill. In addition, the increase in premature births has led to a greater need of neonatal intensive care unit nurses, since these babies usually have health conditions that necessitate around-the-clock monitoring.

Are nurses in demand? The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for registered nurses will grow nationally at a rate of 19 percent in the coming years. This percentage applies to the profession as a whole rather than to individual specialty areas. However, if you are interested in any of the above nursing careers, the experts predict your chances of finding employment in them will be quite good.

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