America's Nurses: Nurse Practitioner Jill G. Values Time With Patients

Nurse practitioner Jill G. has always loved people. She knew when she was younger that she would work with the public in some respect, but she was not sure exactly what she would be doing. As she approached the end of her high school years, she made a decision. "I wanted to be a nurse and make a difference," Jill states.

She went to college for nursing and received her bachelor's degree. She worked for a few years and then decided that she wanted to do more. She had thought about becoming a doctor, but she now had a family that needed her as well. She knew that going back to school to become a nursing practitioner was a much more practical idea and something that she would enjoy. She was able to go to school and take care of her family, both of which were extremely important to her. "I really enjoyed going to school for nursing and was amazed at what a detailed machine the body is," she notes. Jill studied for an additional two years and earned her master's degree.

In her role as a nurse practitioner, Jill was amazed at how much she was able to do for a patient, and she helped with many duties also performed by doctors including prescribing medication, performing routine physical exams and treating illnesses. "I thought it was great that a nurse practitioner was able to do so much for a patient," she states. Jill also noted the importance of her program in preparing her for the role. "The nurse practitioner program that I took was great. It did not take me long at all to finish. My salary as a nurse practitioner has also increased greatly, which is a blessing, too."

Jill is currently working in a doctor's office with four physicians. She sees patients on most days of the week, and she also visits a local assisted living facility to care for patients there. "I care for such a diverse group of people, and I am enjoying my career immensely. I am so glad that I decided to go into this profession. It is interesting, rewarding and exciting at times. There is always joy when you know that you have helped someone. I would not trade my career for any other. It is the perfect job for me."

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