America's Nurses: Meet Occupational Health Nurse Cara D.

Occupational health nurse Cara D. enjoys working in a large company and taking care of her coworkers. "It is a really great feeling to know that I am everyone's friend and also their nurse," Cara states.

Cara D. was out of high school for four years and working a variety of jobs before she decided that she wanted to be serving people on a higher level. Her aunt was a nurse, and she was so kind and caring to people. "I admire her so much, and I always wanted to be like her." Cara made the decision to follow in her aunt's footsteps and enroll in nursing school. After graduating, Cara worked at a nursing home and then an assisted living facility. She loved working with the elderly. "They always had the best stories to tell," she says.

After five years, Cara applied for a position in a factory as an occupational health nurse. They were in need of a few people to fill the occupational health nurse positions due to the expansion of the factory and hiring many more employees. Cara knew they had fantastic benefits, so she was hopeful.

When she got the job, she settled in right away. She was anxious to start working and wanted to learn new things. "It didn't take me very long to learn many of the workers names, especially the more accident prone workers, as they were in my office a lot of the time." She notes that she also became very skilled at giving immunizations, as she would give up to fifty every day.

Cara has been caring for her coworkers for two years now, and she loves what she does. "I see a great deal of injuries working in a factory. It is never dull. I treat common colds, apply heat packs to strained muscles, bandage wounds and more. The workers' bodies go through a lot of physical challenges, as their type of work requires them to stand on their feet for hours. They also do a lot of lifting, pulling, pushing, bending and more. Being an occupational health nurse allows me the opportunity to be a friend to everyone."

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