5 Ways Dating a Nurse is Like Winning the Lottery

NursingMarch 10, 2014

Nurses can be caregivers of the sick, angels of mercy, and, most importantly, total date magnets. If you're dating a nurse, you know how lucky you are. And if you're not, here's five reasons to get on board.

Love to Nurture

For better or worse, nurses are compelled to nurture people and try to make them feel better. They just can't help themselves. When you're feeling down, you'll always have someone to give you a little TLC. Actually, a lot of TLC, most likely. Dating a nurse means getting a whole lot of love.

Hard Working

Many nurses are used to working under a great deal of stress, and completing so many tasks in so little time, which makes them very hard workers. When it comes time to pitch in and lend a hand, you won't find a nurse making up excuses to bail on you. Nurses get in and get their hands dirty, but they won't suffer slacking off in others, either, so don't be a lazy bum. And because they work so hard, nurses appreciate all the little things you do for them.


Though nurses appreciate help, they are also independent and can take care of business. Do you hate when a boyfriend or girlfriend wants to cling to you all the time? You won't have that problem with nurses. Because of the availability of so many well-paying jobs in the profession, most nurses are used to taking care of themselves and maintain their sense of individuality even when in a relationship.

Fewer Trips to the Doctor

Feeling ill but not sure if you need to get to a doctor or ride it out? A nurse can help you decide if you really need to sit in that crowded emergency room on a Friday night, or stick with home treatments. If you're being a bit of a hypochondriac, they'll give you tough love and tell you to stop whining already, you aren't dying! As Cher said in "Moonstruck" when she smacked Nicolas Cage, "Snap out of it!"

A Great Sense of Humor

To survive in nursing, one has to develop a sense of humor in some extremely trying situations. For nurses, this can sometimes be construed as a bit of a sick sense of humor. But what can you expect from people who deal with some seriously nasty bodily functions? Nurses have learned to find a humorous side to (almost) anything, and you can usually count on them for a good laugh.

Whether it's their ability to face the strangest and most trying of scenarios unflinchingly or their rock solid self-determination, nurses can make the perfect partner for you!

Photo source: Flickr