4 Types of Students in Nursing School

NursingDecember 11, 2014

There are always a number of different types of students in every nursing school classroom. Some of them drive you crazy, some inspire admiration — one of them might even be you. Check out the following examples to see if you recognize "that person" in your nursing classes.

The Angel

Much like Florence Nightingale, The Angel received her call to nursing at a young age. She is a nurturer and enjoys taking care of others. She is self sacrificing and dedicated. She often forfeits her own needs in the name of taking care of someone else's. Her patient's find her kindness and patience very comforting. As a student, her instructors easily recognize The Angel's gentleness, and she is likely to be well thought of, if not envied. She often lets someone else have the glory for a job well done. She does not feel the need to be recognized, as she gains personal satisfaction from helping others when they might be at their weakest.

The Thrill Seeker

Everyone has at least one thrill seeker in their classroom. This type of student enjoys all varieties of gruesomeness that others hope to avoid. He cannot wait for his clinical rotation in the emergency department, the psychiatric unit or the trauma center. He wants a front seat during surgery so that he can watch the entire grisly procedure. In the psychiatric unit, he will be the first one lined up to see shock therapy. If you become nauseous at the sight of blood, don't worry: The Thrill Seeker will take care of it for you. Not only does he not become nauseous, but it actually spikes his adrenaline. As a nurse, his patients admire him because it is clear to see that he has no qualms about treating even the most severe of injuries.

The Brainiac

The Brainiac knows everything there is to know. She has her hand up to answer the question even before the instructor finishes speaking the last word of the question. Competing with her is futile because she is bound and determined to win. She views everything as a contest and will not settle to be anything but the best. Don't be surprised if you are rubbed the wrong way by The Brainiac. Despite her book smarts, her bedside manner may leave much to be desired.

The Nervous Nelly

Poor Nervous Nelly; she is always a bundle of nerves! She is forever dropping things, which is not good — especially when you are demonstrating sterile field techniques. The stress of nursing school may be too much for her, causing her to drop out in the middle of the program. Often, an instructor will overlook her nervousness because they will see her potential. They know that the anxiousness will subside over time and with experience. The Nervous Nelly might graduate; then again, she might not. Her classmates should try to be as supportive as possible to get her through. Since there are so many types of students at nursing school each marching to the beat of their own drum, who is to say that one of these nursing school personalities is better than another? One thing is certain, though: You entered the field of nursing because you care about other people. Whether book smart or empathetic, the ultimate goal is to provide the best care possible. 

Photo Source: Flickr