3 Great TED Talks for Nursing Students

NursingMay 07, 2014

You may already know this, but TED is not a person. TED talks can be found on YouTube and include all forms of informational and educational lectures given by experts in their fields. If you are a prospective nursing student and would like some inspiration or motivation on pursuing your dream of becoming a nurse, here are three talks that you should watch:

Work That You Love

The first is a talk by Scott Dinsmore on "How to find and do work you love." Dinsmore talks about the reality that 80% of people do not enjoy the work that they are currently doing and the reasons why. He also talks about doing the impossible, but only from your own perspective, and not compared to anyone else. What's impossible to one person is not necessarily impossible to another person. Perhaps the "impossible" to you is something that is holding you back from enrolling in nursing school. At a couple of different points in the talk, Dinsmore says "Everything in the world was impossible before somebody did it."

"Risky" Careers

Another interesting talk is "Why you will fail to have a great career" by Larry Smith. He interjects a great deal of humor into his lecture, which centers around the obstacles that people face when pursuing their dreams. He points out that, ironically, people are often blocked from following their chosen path by the people who care the most about them. For example, parents sometimes discourage their children from choosing a risky career and instead encourage something that is safe, with a guaranteed future. Nursing does not necessarily fall into the category of a "risky" career since, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, national job stability and availability for RNs is projected to be very strong through at least the next ten years; however, for someone looking to change careers, the possibilities of taking on student debt or living modestly for several years while attending school can be discouraging factors. Smith's lecture will make these factors seem insignificant.

Health Care

The final of these recommended TED talks, because health care is changing so rapidly and becoming increasingly more expensive, is "Health care should be a team sport," by Eric Dishman. This is a good lecture for understanding the perspective of a patient with a devastating diagnosis. Dishman talks about the fallibility of medicine and specifically the need for more coordination of care. He makes a pointed argument that we need more home health care and that we should save hospitals for patients who are already extremely ill and cannot be cared for at home. Since the health care field has already seen an increase in home health care in general, it is foreseeable that this avenue could continue to expand as a way of controlling costs. Dishman's talk is important for prospective nursing students to understand and imagine the possibilities of the future of medicine.

There is no shortage of insightful and informative TED talks available, so when you're finished with these three, there will be plenty of other topics to explore.

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