Rescue Me! The Emergency Medical Field Attracts Celebrity Paramedics

HealthcareJune 15, 2014

Working in the emergency medical field, you may not expect to spend your days with celebrities. Yet, some actors, reality stars, rock stars and other well know people have found their way into a career as paramedics or EMTs. Read on for a few examples.

David Lee Roth, Rock Star

After high school, David Lee Roth reportedly worked as a surgical tech. Later, when Van Halen broke up, he attained his EMT certification and worked for five years in New York City. In various interviews, Roth compared working as an EMT to being part of a rock band, noting the camaraderie amongst fellow EMTs and late hours in the field.

Angelina Pivarnick, Reality TV Star

When Jersey Shore came to an end, Angelina Pivarnick embarked on a new career in the emergency medical field. According to reports, she currently plans to work for a private ambulance company and eventually hopes to be hired by the FDNY.

JFK's Grandson

Twenty year old Jack Schlossberg, grandson of John F. Kennedy, is reportedly on track to earn his EMT certification at his university. In fact, many colleges offer onsite EMT services and provide certification to students with aspirations of futures in medicine.

Austin St. John, Former Power Ranger

A recent ABC Entertainment News report highlighted Austin St. John, who originated the role of Jason Lee Scott, the Red Power Ranger, when the children's television series began over twenty years ago. St. John still enjoys martial arts, and he also works as an EMT paramedic and firefighter in Washington, D.C.

Numerous Government Officials

According to Ranker's list of famous paramedics, many national, state and local government officials have also received EMT certification, including Michigan state legislator Andy Neumann, Luis Garcia, Jr. of the Florida House of Representatives and R. David Paulison, a former paramedic who led the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

These individuals are just a few of the over 200,000 people who have dedicated themselves to helping others by working as Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics in the country today. If you are interested in helping your community as a first responder, then a career as an EMS professional might be the right one for you.

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