Great Benefits of Becoming a Surgical Technologist

HealthcareApril 03, 2013

A surgical technologist, or operating room technician as they are sometimes called, has a very interesting career. No matter the title, the job always has an element of excitement to it simply because “surg techs” are working right in the operating room with the surgeons and surgical nurses. They are at the heart of the action, and they have some rather important duties.

What Does the Surgical Technologist Do?

A surgical technologist is going to be responsible for preparing the operating room for surgery. They are going to make sure that the surgeons have all of the equipment that they need, and they will ensure that the equipment underwent the proper sterilization procedures. These technicians are also going to prepare the patients for their surgery by washing and disinfecting the site of the incisions before the doctors begin. In most cases, they will stay in the operating room throughout the procedure and ensure that the doctors have all support they need during surgery. They may even hand the surgeon the instruments as needed.

It is very important that the surg tech have the appropriate education and skills in order to work in this environment. The stress levels can be high, and it is important to make sure that they are able to work well under pressure. It is possible to find a fine post-secondary education through a variety of schools and programs that will help to provide the aspiring student with the necessary entry-level skills. Most of the time, the classes are going to include hands-on learning, classroom study and clinical experience.

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