Dentist Puns to Lighten Your Day

HealthcareAugust 06, 2015

Aren’t Dentists Punny?

Did you hear about the dentist who married a manicurist? They fought tooth and nail! Ouch! When we run across something we dislike or that scares us, we often joke about it to  make us feel better about the peril we’re facing. Since most everyone doesn’t like going to the dentist, it’s not unusual that we might crack a joke or two about it, like the pun that kicked off this piece. As it turns out, dentists are a pretty punny bunch! Just check out some of these gems we found recently on
  •  I’ve been to the dentist several times now, so I already know the drill.
  •  I went to the dentist because my tooth hurt; however, my cavity wasn’t fixed by my regular dentist. It was done by a guy who was filling in!
  •  No one knew my girlfriend had a dental implant until it came out in a conversation.
  •  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the root canal I need. It tell you, it’s deeply unnerving!
  •  I went to my dentist the other day and he simply would not stop working on my teeth. That’s when I found out he was abscessive compulsive.
  •   And, in case you didn’t know, dentists have their own flossify on how best to keep your teeth clean.
All jokes aside, the dental profession is typically one of the most popular career paths in the U.S. year-in and year-out. If becoming a dentist isn’t right for you, how about Dental Assisting or Dental Hygiene? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both are experiencing faster-than-average job growth and U.S. News & World Report Money rank them high for job flexibility. Fortis offers programs in Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene. If those careers are of interest to you, check out to learn more about the programs offered at the campuses closest to you. Got a favorite dental pun of your own? Share it with us here--but, be sure to brace us first!  

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