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What You Gain From Furthering Your Education

General EducationJanuary 17, 2018

It used to be a high school diploma was all you needed for most jobs – brain surgery and rocket science aside! Today, most good-paying jobs require either a college degree or specialized post-secondary training and skills development.

Over and above getting a job, there are plenty of very good reasons for furthering your education…such as improving your discipline. Think about it – attending classes forces you to utilize your time more efficiently and weed out all those distractions that don’t really matter. Not only is that a good life lesson; it’s one that will serve you well in the workplace.

Furthering your education also is beneficial to career preparation. Whether you already know what you want to do, think you do, or aren’t really sure, an academic setting is a great place to explore options, expand your skills and knowledge, and train for that dream job and career. Not only that, but the more formal education or training you have, the more options you’ll uncover for increasing earning potential – always a good thing!

Continuing your education also provides great opportunities for personal and professional development. Not only do you have an opportunity to identify your true passions, school helps you improve both written and verbal communication skills, which can be an important part of almost any job. Continuing your education also forces you to develop better critical thinking skills.

Whether you’re an athlete, CEO or line foreman, you’ll need to analyze developing situations, make split-second decisions, and be able to implement workable solutions in order to be successful. Furthering your education helps instill the knowledge and confidence to act out whatever role you’re asked to play.

And, if that’s not enough, completing additional education provides a sense of accomplishment that can spark ongoing success. Plus, in a world where good jobs sometimes can be hard to find, a strong network of corporate friends can be very helpful. Do you know where one of the best places is for meeting and cultivating those “friends”? That’s right – college! Make friends among your classmates…stay in touch after you leave school…and ask about open positions when it comes time to find that job…or find a new one!

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