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What’s the Difference Between a Job and a Career?

General EducationDecember 07, 2016

At Fortis, education programs are designed to prepare students for the career or job of their choosing. What’s the difference? In a nutshell, a job is something one does to earn a living, while a career is a series of related jobs that provide the learning and experience that moves a worker forward in a profession.

Most careers begin with education, whereas many people simply work jobs because they lack the education to launch a career. That’s not to say someone holding down a job can’t turn it into a career – careers are basically building upon experience to advance both skills and knowledge in a field of work.

That said, there are basic differences between a career and a job:

  • Careers typically are the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or a progression toward goals, while a job is just something to do to earn money
  • Careers usually require specialized training beyond what training can provide, whereas most jobs required to education or special training.
  • Careers invite internal risk-taking that may weaken the stability of a job; however, even “safe” jobs can abruptly change as the result of external risk factors.
  • Careers are based on a long-term focus; jobs are generally short-term.
  • The income in a career varies according to the value society places on it. A job’s income is more likely to be an hourly “wage” that varies by demand.
  •  Careers can have high social value as they may lead to change or progress, while a job can actually have a negative impact if counterproductive to social practices.
  • A job generally has a minimal impact on one’s resume because it’s often unrelated to a long-term profession, while a career relies on resumes to showcase related previous experience.

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