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Gallup: Grads Rate Career School Experience Better Than Four-Year Program

General EducationJuly 24, 2017

A Gallup and Strada Education Network collaboration study found half of post-secondary education graduates would change something about the experience – whether degree type, institution or major. However, the study also found those who complete a career school program generally are more positive about their education than individuals with a bachelor’s degree.
According to the study, “On Second Thought: U.S. Adults Reflect on Their Education Decisions,” those who graduate at age 30 or beyond, typically have a more positive view of the value of their education than younger grads,1 possibly because those who go back to school later in life have a more practical view of where they fit into the career spectrum and understand better the value of their studies.

The Gap Between Education and Employer Needs

The study suggests there appears to be a gap between the education people receive and the needs of employers. In other words, colleges may not be providing graduates with the skills that are most valued by employers, leading some individuals with four-year degrees to settling for employment outside their intended career areas.

Since their career education programs are designed to reflect the skills demanded by businesses and generally offer hands-on training, career schools may offer a more direct path to careers where graduates can be successful.

The study also found that individuals who borrowed more in student loans were more likely to say they would make different education choices. Because programs at career schools can be completed in less time than those at four-year schools, their graduates typically need fewer loans and can start working…and paying off those loans…quicker.

A Focus on In-Demand Jobs

In today’s business world, most occupations require some postsecondary education, and those requirements are expected to increase by 65% by 2020.1 Schools such as Fortis Colleges and Institutes focus on educational training that prepares students for the in-demand jobs emerging in industries across the country. 

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