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Choosing The Path That's Right For You

General EducationMarch 20, 2018

Thinking about college but just aren’t sure what career and educational path you want to follow? You’re not alone. As many as half of all college students start out as “undeclared.” They see the value of higher education, but just aren’t sure of the path they want to follow.

If that sounds like you, one of the first things you should do is look for and pick a college or school that fits you well. For example, if you feel more secure receiving one-on-one instruction, pick one that offers smaller classes where you can get the support and help you may desire. Flexibility might be another major benefit for many students – especially those who work or have a family.

Take a few minutes to evaluate what drives you. If you enjoy helping others, you may want to look into the medical field or social work. Are you a problem solver? Maybe you’d fit into the sciences, math or business. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is to pick a course of study that mirrors what truly interests you.

If you’re still undecided, seek the advice of advisers or those who know you well…or use elective credits to explore various interests. Closely examine the requirements for the degree you hope to pursue to see if there are any that could potentially delay or derail your plans. You also might want to consider taking an introductory course in the field to test whether it really is what you thought it would be…and is what you really want.

Bottom line: most instructor and counselors will tell you to simply follow your own dreams. Doing something you love generally produces the most lasting rewards…and not just money. To an extent, money matters…sure. But if it comes at the expense of your happiness or is something you just can’t do…it’s not worth pursuing the “big” dollars.

Fortis Colleges and Institutes offer a wide range of career-focused educational paths, from medical and allied health, to business and skilled trades. Any one of which can provide the education and training to succeed in a profession you will enjoy. And the campuses typically offer smaller class sizes so you know your instructors and fellow students and can get the support you need to complete your chosen program.

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