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General EducationMarch 05, 2018

Johnson & Johnson established its Bridge to Employment (BTE) program some 26 years ago to help prepare students for STEM2D careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing & Design). This J&J program has grown to become international – operating in 18 countries today.

Johnson & Johnson’s BTE program is geared toward high school students…pointing them toward studies that lead them into careers in STEM, STEM2D and health sector careers.

Fortis College and Institute campuses specialize in preparing students for many of the health-related programs to which the BTE program exposes young students. And, while interesting students in these rewarding careers is an important first step, Fortis takes being a Bridge to “Employment” quite literally.

Every Fortis campus offers graduates a Career Services Center that provides a wide range of career help aimed at enabling grads to secure entry-level employment in the profession for which they’ve studied and prepared. From dress-for-success and resume development, to interview coaching and maintenance of ethical standards, Fortis Career Services helps graduates develop tools that can impress employers to help land them the job of their dreams. 

At Fortis, we empower graduates with the skills necessary to succeed in their job-seeking and interviewing steps. Check out what some of our graduate have to say about the career assistance they were given to help boost their career aspirations here.

Fortis offers a wide range of career-focused education programs in the healthcare fields of nursing, dental and medical, as well as in the skilled trades such as welding, HVAC and CDL commercial truck driving. To learn more about the program best-suited to you, visit our Programs page, and begin exploring the careers for which we educate and train our graduates.

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