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Are Smaller Class Sizes Better for Education?

General EducationJanuary 23, 2017

Surprisingly, the verdict is still out on that question. Many studies have been done and most show a positive connection between smaller class sizes and improved student achievement; however, the question of the cost typically clouds the value of reducing the size of classes.

The smaller the classes, the more of them that will be needed to accommodate all the students… presuming overall enrollment remains consistent or increases. More classes usually mean more teachers, which raises payrolls and overall educational expenses, along with comparisons of teacher equality and consistency.

The Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes

That said, there are many reasons why smaller class sizes are generally beneficial to the educational experience.  Students generally get more attention, instructors have an easier time getting the attention of all students, learners typically connect more easily with fellow students, and ideas usually can be more easily shared.

In most cases, researchers believe smaller class size is linked to higher test scores, fewer dropouts, and better graduation rates. What’s still to be determined is why smaller classes work better…how smaller classes enhance the learning process…and who benefits most. However, research has shown students tend to behave better in smaller classes. With fewer disruptions, the likelihood of higher test scores increases. Despite this, there is one caveat. Teachers need to be re-trained so their teaching habits are in tune with the smaller class sizes.

Perhaps the most convincing study in support of the smaller classes = better student retention proposition was Tennessee’s Project STAR (Student Teacher Achievement Ratio). That study involved some 12,000 students and the random assignment of teachers and students, which helped eliminate factors other than class size for the results.

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