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7 Reasons to Become A Truck Driver

General EducationNovember 20, 2017

Truck driving is a career that sometimes doesn’t get the respect it deserves; however, drivers are in high demand almost everywhere across the country.

According to Trucking Info, finding and keeping qualified drivers, especially in the long-haul sector, will be a critical issue for years to come. “Truck drivers will be the limiting factor for the growth in trucking capacity,” says Rosalyn Wilson, an industry senior business analyst.

If you are thinking about making truck driving your career profession, take a look at our list of reasons below and see why it may be a very smart choice for your future.

Seven Good Reasons to make Truck Driving Your Career

1.     The trucking industry and truck drivers are essential to the U.S. economy, hauling roughly 69% of all freight moved in the United States.

2.     Truck drivers tend to be older than the general workforce, resulting in roughly 100 of them retiring every day.

3.     Through 2014, the trucking industry will need to hire more than 95,000 new drivers each year just to meet demand.

4.     With a median annual salary nationwide of about $50,000, drivers can anticipate earning $35,000 to $43,000 a year to start.

5.     According to IHS Global Insight, total truck tonnage will increase by nearly 25% in eight years, with the industry’s market share also rising by two percentage points to 71%.

6.     Trucking growth has eclipsed the gross domestic product (GDP) in recent years, with some experts suggesting a balanced U.S. economy likely could continue that trend.

7.     There are a wide variety of trucking jobs available today – from long-haul to local and regional. While there never are guarantees in life, continued demand likely will mean driver training graduates will be more employable than most other grads. And, because drivers are in such high demand, most trucking companies are offering healthcare and retirement plans, in addition to good starting salaries.

For those interested in trucking as a career, select Fortis Colleges and Institutes offer Commercial Driver License (CDL) and Advanced Tractor-Trailer Driving programs that can help you get the training you need to start earning good money upon graduation. Visit our Commercial Driving page to learn more. 

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