Lifelong Learners

Don't let "I've always wanted to…" turn into "I wish I had…."

Most of us have one or two things we wish we'd learned along the way. Whether it's a program in electrical repair or welding, or a refresher program to supplement your career skills, or just curiosity about a particular subject, Fortis probably has a program for you.

If you're looking for an affordable, convenient way to continue learning about subjects that interest you—or you need to develop skills for your job—you should consider Fortis. Our growing list of campuses and programs—and our online option—are convenient and accessible. Since Fortis is accredited, provides quality education with technical instruction and life skills training, employers sometimes may sometimes send their employees to Fortis—either online or in person.


  • Fortis campuses are located in 14 states nationally, and we're still growing! That means you have flexibility in selecting the right campus for you.
  • Some students love the ease and convenience of online learning, while others love the face-to-face interaction in the classroom. At Fortis, we offer both, and work with you to tailor your program for the most appropriate platform for your path to success. Our e-learning platform offers a user-friendly environment and deep engagement with professors.


  • Frequent class starts and qualified faculty mean that you'll get the individual attention you need to master the subject matter. Whether you need skills for a job or just for your own interest, you'll come out of your Fortis classes armed with real knowledge.
  • Whether you're online or on-campus, you will be supported by all of our resources. You will be able to look up reference information and publications in our Learning Resource Center databases, have access to your instructors and Fortis staff, and join a community of students who are serious about their work—and know how to have fun, too.
  • On-campus, you can always access your student records via our student portal for information and career resources. Fortis is committed to creating the best possible student experience.

If you need assistance understanding how to finance your education, we have financial aid representatives staff to give you all the information you need about your program's cost and your aid options.

In some cases, employers or sponsors may choose to finance classes, and you may be concerned about reimbursement. Talk to our financial aid representatives about your situation and they can coordinate with you and your employer.

Financial aid representatives are located on every campus so students can continue to find--and act on--important information they need to continue on their path to success.

Enrolling at Fortis is simple, quick, and easy.

  • Talk to an admissions representative today, at your convenience, or set up a visit. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff on campus can help you select the right program and program options for you.
  • Once you've decided on your campus and program, talk to a financial aid representative about financing your education. Financial aid representatives are available by phone, or in person—whatever works for you.
  • Apply online, on campus, or by regular mail.
  • Start learning! Your schedule will depend on your program, location, and program options, which your admissions representative will have helped you with. Your job now is to come to class and begin learning the skills you need to get that career you always wanted.