Making a Career Change

Ready For Change?

You've got experience, in life and work. Now you're moving on and moving up, and you know what you want. You need the facts to make a decision, the ability to manage your own education and career choices, and the flexibility to work and live while you learn. And once you're done, you need a name on your resume that looks great to employers—Fortis College.

Working adults need as much convenience and flexibility from their education as they can get, whether you're learning online, on campus, or a little of both.

We provide a valuable educational experience at our convenient campus locations. We offer students modern facilities and current technology for a quality learning environment.

Earn while you learn

Your busy schedule means that you need to learn where you want, when you want.

  • Our campuses are located in 14 states, and we're still growing—fast. That means you can switch from campus to campus if you switch job locations or homes.
  • Some students love the flexibility and convenience of online learning, while others love the face-to-face interaction in the classroom. At Fortis, we offer both, and work with you to tailor your program for the most appropriate platform for your path to success. Our e-learning platform offers a user-friendly environment and deep engagement with professors..

Experience welcome.

As a smart, experienced adult, you've seen and done a lot already. We respect that, and work with you to make sure you're not spending time and money on coursework that's not relevant to you. At the same time, we keep you focused on what's important—the career you'll graduate with.

  • Because Fortis is so focused on helping you find a job once you graduate, a Fortis education pays off not just in the classroom but in the job market. At FORTIS, teaching career search skills is an important piece of your education, and Fortis works with you to make sure you hit the ground running when you're done with your coursework.

You've got obligations and responsibilities already, so financing your education is going to be a real concern. At Fortis, we understand that. That's why Fortis helps our students to learn about government and private loans and other financial aid options that are available to those who qualify to help finance the cost of building the foundation for your new career.

We get it.

  • We work every day with working adults and career changers who have complex financial situations, and get them the information to determine the financing package that will work the best for them.
  • We have financial aid offices on every campus so students can continue to find and act on important information they need to continue on their path to success
  • We are flexible and pragmatic in our approach. Our counselors, professors, and staff understand and will work with you if it becomes difficult to keep up your studies or if you need time off.

Enrolling at Fortis is simple, quick, and easy.

  • Talk to an admissions representative today, at your convenience, or set up a visit. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff on campus can help you select the right program and program options for you.
  • Once you've decided on your campus and program, talk to a financial aid representative about financing your education. Financial aid representatives are available by phone, or in person—whatever works for you.
  • Apply online, on campus, or by regular mail.
  • Start learning! Your schedule will depend on your program, location, and program options, which your admissions representative will have helped you with. Your job now is to come to class and begin learning the skills you need to get that career you always wanted.