MedVance Institute in Palm Springs Becomes Fortis Institute

Campus to Continue as Valued Community Partner While Offering Enhanced Programs and Learning Opportunities as Fortis

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 5:06 PM

MedVance Institute, a leading post-secondary healthcare education institution in Palm Springs, Fla., has changed its name to Fortis Institute. The school and its ownership remain the same and as part of the collaborative Fortis network of colleges and institutes, the campus will continue to embrace the same core values for which it is known. However, now it also will be able to draw upon additional resources and have access to higher level educational program offerings and technology.

“The word ‘Fortis’ is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning strength and power. Our transformation into Fortis Institute demonstrates our commitment to providing students in the greater West Palm Beach area one of the most career-focused learning environments available today,” said campus President Fabian Fernandez.

According to Fernandez, the name may have changed, but the strong relationship that exists between his campus and students and the community at large will continue…and likely grow through the expanded resources, enhanced expertise and strength in numbers an affiliated campus brings. MedVance Institute has been an integral part of the West Palm Beach area since 2001.

“We still will be Palm Spring’s campus, but now will have more to share and give back to students, businesses and extern partners as Fortis Institute. We believe the best just got even better,” Fernandez added.