School Enhances its Online Learning Experience through Improved Functionality and Social Learning Tools

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 6:56 PM

FORTIS Online has advanced its online learning experience to reflect a social networking look and feel.

To achieve enhanced user-friendly networking capabilities, FORTIS Online has upgraded its Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) to Service Pack 11.  The system delivers a completely new user experience that consolidates critical information from students’ courses and organizations as well as their academic network.

“Our students love social networking through sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. With the worlds of social networking and online learning intersecting more and more, this upgrade will greatly enhance the learning capacity of our students,” said Alec Winters, Vice President of Online Operations for FORTIS Online.

Improvements from a student’s perspective include:


  • Enhanced Posts in discussion boards embracing a social networking feel and functionality including a new area that consolidates a student’s posts from all courses and responses to those posts.
  • Enhanced Profiles that provide a social networking type profile, including a picture, area of study, and an “about me” section.  Students will be able to pull information from their Facebook and Twitter profiles for use on FORTIS Online.
  • A People tool that enables students to search for and review the profiles of fellow students.
  • Enhanced Calendar functionality that lets students view assignments that are past due, due today, or due within the week.
  • My Grades, which consolidates a student’s grades from across all courses into a single view where students can instantly see a stream of the latest grades received.

FORTIS Online also utilizes Blackboard mobile technology so students can work from mobile devices.